Totally Driven - Full Package

Business coaching for dancers and choreographers


Dancers Do Business

Academy Level1 (Check out the Totally Driven Full Package Bundle for one year of artistic and business coaching in addition to this course)


Creative Expansion

Toolkit for professional dancers and choreographers: freestyle, improv, dance theatre, choreographic process and creative habits

£9.99 / month

DBTV Magazine

The Dance Backpackers' TV Magazine is coming out monthly. Full of inspirational articles about dance, it reminds us how much artistic expression is contributing to social change. Read up on dancers who are making this world a better world!

£39.99 / month

JOY - Full Package and access to the MONDAY / TUESDAY classes

For dance students attending Cindy's Monday or Tuesday classes

£39.99 / month

JOY Online

Dance Video Tutorials - extracts from Cindy's MONDAY classes