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Gain the negotiation skills, business skills and financial resources you need, to make your artistic dreams come true!

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Dancers Do Business 

Starting with a PS: 

I am sharing all my secrets in this course.

A few examples:

I received £6500 in fundings over the years to cover travel costs to go to Jamaica 4 times, taking dance classes, do choreographic research and set up Dancehall Theatre projects.

I was able to get my flight paid just to explore Krumping in Los Angeles.

I created partnerships with theatres and arts organisations, raising 40.000€ to set up international exchanges for young dancers.

I was able to raise £15000 many times around to create dance theatre shows, being able to pay my team, my dancers and myself.

I travelled to Washington DC and Chicago to collaborate with Stepping artists, receiving £5000 to cover my travel costs.

Fundings allowed me to collaborate with costumes designers, pay filmmakers and more.

With £15000, I organised professional training courses with international guest teachers, allowing students to only pay peanuts for their training. 

My students didn't have the money to pay for such high quality training. With these fundings I was able to provide workshops for cheap, pay the teachers AND pay myself!

My international projects have changed the lives of more than 300 artists across the world. Thousands of people have seen my shows...

What are you waiting for?

Take your artistic dreams off the ground.

Invest in yourself, invest in getting to know the rules.

Access the "secrets of the industry" and make your classes, events, and shows a reality.

Change people's lives.

Pay yourself for the work you do.

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The Course gives dancers and choreographers the tools to gain clarity of their wildest dream, and write up an action plan and business strategy to get there.

Many dance artists want to set up incredible projects to inspire the youth in their community, change society, raise awareness, or make people happy.

Many dance artists don't know that THIS... can be funded!!

Fundings can help you pay for your international dance travels, research for a new show, rehearsal space, set up community classes and more.

But how to apply for fundings? 

That's what this course is all about! Finding the money to make it happen, as well as thinking of a long term sustainability plan.

This course was born out of the many international dance exchanges Cindy lead across the world for over a decade.

All dancers and choreographers in the world have the same problems to solve: 

- how to get paid for their work

- how to set up a dance company

- how to network with decision makers

- how to apply for fundings

- how to leave the world of survival behind and step into the world of abundance

- how to find rehearsal space

- how to share their talent with the world to inspire and bring joy

Sign up now to confidently move forwards with all your big dance dreams!

Course Curriculum


What's included?

45 Videos
11 Texts
7 PDFs
10 Audios
Cindy Claes
Cindy Claes
Choreographer, Dance Entrepreneur

About the instructor

Cindy is an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer & Director, Dancer & Performer, Dance-storyteller & Playwright, Dance Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Belgium, Cindy has been based in London since 2005. She is a true dance backpacker. She collected invaluable human experiences alongside her artistic path (USA, Jamaica, Europe, Trinidad, Africa, Venezuela, etc.). 

In addition to her international dance training, her dance storytelling path was nourished by her training in NYC / London / Paris, doing courses in acting, improv comedy, screenwriting, writing for comedy, and physical theatre. 

Cindy has been the recipient of several awards in London (ADAD Trailblazers, Artists International Development Fund, Bonnie Bird UK New Choreography Fund, etc.).

Passionate about using Dancehall, Hiphop and Krumping in Theatre, telling meaningful and hard hitting stories through dance, in 2014 she was commissioned by the most renown Dance Theatre venue in London, Sadler’s Wells, her show "Wild Card: Dancehall Takeover" was the first full Dancehall Theatre night in London (sold out).

Cindy’s aim is to tell electrifying stories through dance. She has presented work internationally (UK, Belgium, Hollywood, San Francisco, Jamaica, etc.). Her unstoppable fountain of energy is her signature. Her shows are artistic earthquakes touching people’s souls and hearts through laughter and tears.

Full-length productions include: “Voices in The Alleyway, “Is My Whining Winding You Up?” and “School Fi Wifey”. She is currently focussing on her two solos: “Time is ticking, phone is ringing” and “Things aren’t always black or white”. She was involved as a choreographer in many shows tackling police brutality in a variety of countries: USA / UK / Belgium.

Cindy has also set up international dance exchanges (1000 Pieces Puzzle), and many coaching programs for choreographers/dancers, providing platforms of professional development, artistic discovery and leadership.

Alongside a full schedule of choreography, performances and coaching dance artists, she can still be spotted for a boogie in dance studios in London, teaching and sharing her love for Dancehall..